Vortech Additives (VA)

Special Shield Engine Protection

Reduce Friction by 200%
Improve Fuel Efficiency
Save Maintenance Costs
Prolong Engine Life-Span


About Vortech

Vortech, is a Nano Technology science derived from United States (US), which was further formulated evolved by German Technology. The success borned – Vortech Additives (VA), that forms a Special Shield which will chemical coat & bond on engine’s metal wall surfaces.

It is suitable for 2-Wheelers, 3-Wheelers & 4-Wheelers, including Low and High Performance Engines. It was proven to reduce frictions by 200%, and thereby improve on engine mechanical responses.

In this era of rising fuel, Vortech products will save & reduce on maintenance cost, improve on fuel efficiency and lengthen the engine’s life-span.





VORTECH Lubricants (Engine Oil)

Vortech Lubricant VS30 5W-30 SN (Semi Synthetic Engine Oil with Additives) (4 litres)
Vortech Lubricant VM30 10W-30 SL (Mineral Engine Oil with Additives) (4 litres)
Vortech Lubricant VS40 10W-40 SN (Semi Synthetic Engine Oil with Additives) (4 litres)
Vortech Lubricant VM50 20W-50 SL (Mineral Engine Oil with Additives) (4 litres)





VORTECH in India

SuperX Engine Protection Coating (50ml)
(suitable for bike, scooter, car & 3-wheeler)





VORTECH in China

Vortech AF Treatment (100ml)
(suitable for car, van, MPV, SUV, 4WD, bus & truck)





Factsheet of Vortech Additives (VA)


Protection on dynamic parts in engine against wear (longer engine life)


Recondition on the friction parts without the need to dismantle (restore engine performance)


Reduced fuel consumption from 3% to 12% (fuel economy)


Restore the power and mechanical efficiency (torque / pick-up) of the engine


Protection against corrosion and aggressive chemicals especially when lower quality lubricants are used (extra mileage)


Increased efficiency of the lubrication system (smoothing engine)


Decrease in noise level from the engine


Lowered vibration level


Reduced friction value to less than 0.02


Extended operating life of the friction parts


Lowered working temperature of the engine


Protection against piston ring seizure


Extending Engine Life-Span with Vortech Anti-Friction Technology (VAFT)

  • Fact #1, two leading causes of engine wear are damaging friction and excessive heat. Metal surfaces push and slide against one another, causing the surface to become damaged and vulnerable. This action will also causes particles of metal and shavings to break away into the fluid.
  • Fact #2, when particles are found in a lubricant, it is a sign of metal fatigue and damage. These particles also can cause damage as they circulate through the lubricant, rubbing against metal parts and chemically clings on metal surfaces in the engine, may causes metal contactual extra grinding that are resulting additional friction, increased of heat and loss of lubricant oil
  • VAFT is designed to restore engine efficiency; optimise fuel economy and extra protect from metal-to-metal friction during shortage of lubricant oil; without altering the viscosity of engine oil
  • VAFT creates constant lubrication protection for both new and old engine; low and high mileage vehicle; by providing smoothness when the lubricant oil is not yet fully circulating during engine starts
  • VAFT reduce friction; help reduce actual operating and running temperatures; decrease corrosion tendencies within the system; boost mechanical efficiency, which could mean better fuel efficiency or lower electrical usage; and decrease oil temperatures leading to less viscosity loss, better hydrodynamics and less oil consumption
Results Without Vortech Additives (VA)

Results Without Vortech Additives (VA)

Results With Vortech Additives (VA)

Results With Vortech Additives (VA)

Prolonging Protective Coats and Decrease Corrosion Tendencies with Vortech Bonding Technology (VBT)

  • Fact #1, lubricating oils treat only the surface of the metal without bonding. In extreme pressure metal-to-metal applications without bonding technology, the firm strength of the lubricant becomes weakened and thinned, and in some cases can be completely squeezed out during operation
  • Fact #2, when starting a vehicle, the oil doesn’t move until the oil was being pumps up. It means, the engine begins to turn over, generating heat and wear, while the oil is still in the pan, whereby will degrading to engine parts such as surface of camshaft, tappets, bearings and etc. Approximately 65% of wear on an engine takes place during the start-up operation before the lubricant reaches those parts
  • VBT is formulated with a unique long-chain molecule enabling it to achieve significant chemical stability, which are known to withstand high temperatures and extreme pressures. It interacts with metal surfaces in a molecular and chemical process to create a protective substance on the surface of the metal, whereby molecules become polarised and actually bond with the metal surface, which prolonging protection
  • VBT greatest advantages is that, it is present when engine oil is not present, which greatly reducing friction and decreasing corrosion tendencies during the absence of lubricant
  • VBT lubricates the metal surfaces, reducing the friction that causes metal fatigue and metal damages, constantly by replacing worn protective layer continually from time to time
  • VBT improved seating between piston rings and cylinder walls, less oil consumption, less wear of metal surfaces and possibly a decrease in compression loss






– 50ml of VA is good for up to 1.25 litres engine oil capacity
– For Best Performances, apply an additional 25ml of VA to the total application amount
– VA is recommended for use as part of your regular vehicle maintenance. Vehicle Owner are encouraged to follow manufacturer’s recommendations regarding oil weights, engine flushing advices and routine service maintenance schedules
– Engine Flushing is recommended before applying VA for the first time
– Always use genuinely sealed products from certified dealers & distributors; to ensure performance results, accurate quantity and sufficient additives molecules


1) Warm up engine in idle mode for at least 2 minutes, up to normal running temperature
2) Stop engine & pour VA into engine oil
3) Start engine in idle mode for at least 10 minutes
4) Travel below 5000rpm for the first 10km


– Proven safe & no side effects to the engine
– Non-flammable
– Harmful or fatal if swallowed
– Keep out of reach of children


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